LivingBasics Stainless Steel Baby Cloth Clips Hanger with Drying Pins/Pegs for Rods/Ropes - Clothes Dryer Rack for Socks, Nappies, Hand Towel, Mask, Tie, Lingerie (25 Clip Hanger)

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Product Type: Cloth Pegs

  • A HANDY SOLUTION FOR DRYING YOUR CLOTHES [collapsible 25-clip hanger]: The heavy-duty stainless-steel hanger and cloth pegs are useful for everyday needs. It is made with sturdy welding joints which can carry heavy weights and are relatively stronger with plastic grip mechanism which makes it more durable. Get the perfect solution for losing your clothes again and again while they are drying.
  • STURDY KIDS HANGER WITH CLIPS: Perfect match for your delicate laundry like: Socks, Bra, Nappies, Diapers, Hand Towels & Napkins, Mask, Tie, Underwear, Scarf, Panties, Gloves, Handkerchief, Baby Clothes & other small delicates.
  • MANAGE YOUR LAUNDRY EASILY [360-degree swivel and sturdy joints]: You can move and turn the drying rack smoothly with its 360 Degree Smooth Swivel Hook. Rotate it in any direction to hang and collect your clothes effortlessly. The sturdy welding joints enable it to carry heavy weights. COLLAPSIBLE FEATURE so that it can be stored easily when not in use.
  • WE EQUALLY CARE FOR YOUR CLOTHES [Protect the delicate items]: The stainless-steel clips along with the plastic grip are made with quality material which is rust resistant and prevent your clothes from any kind of damage. There will never be any marks on your clothes due to the clips.