LIVINGBASICS Cotton Vegetable Bags

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  • PREMIUM STITCHING & FINE WORKMANSHIP: Heavyweight dual stitching throughout with extra reinforcement are found along all seams for maximum durability. The Drawstring Bag is made from cotton fabric that was selected for its strength and durability. This storage bag has strong dual drawcords for comfort and easy carrying and storage.
  • WASHABLE COTTON PRODUCE BAGS WITH MULTIPLE USES: you can use it not only for storing vegetables but also for storing kid's toys, gifts, make-up, snacks, keeping stationery items, or for milk straining. The best part is these bags are washable. So, if dirty, just wash them and reuse them. These are also great gifts bags and cosmetic toiletry bags.
  • PRESERVE YOUR PRODUCE IN THESE REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS SET: These are washable cotton bags. Our bags are breathable, meaning your fruits and vegetables will remain cool, crisp, and fresh for days after you put them in the refrigerator(just sprinkle few water drops on the bag before keeping it in the refrigerator). These bags are foldable and so you can easily store them. They are perfect for fruits & leafy vegetables to keep them fresh. Recommended for leafy greens and thin-skinned produce.
  • COTTON REUSABLE PRODUCE & VEGETABLE BAGS TO GO GREEN: Because our fruits and veggies grocery bags are made from 100% cotton, they're completely friendly to the environment. They're also recyclables – you'll be able to use them week after week, month after month, without worrying about them breaking down or spoiling your produce.
  • ZERO WASTE COTTON PRODUCE BAGS & VARIETY: Not all fruits and vegetables are the same size, so why would all of our bags be the same size? Our reusable produce bags are available in all the different sizes including Small (9"x10"), Medium (9"x12"), Large (10"x14") and sizes so you'll be covered whether your product is large or small.

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