LIVINGBASICS Stainless Steel Multifunctional/Multipurpose Storage Shelves/Rack/Stand for Home/Office/Kitchen/Balcony/Bathroom/Study Room

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Product Type: Multipurpose Storage Rack

  • MULTI-SCENE USE: The 4 tiers free-standing shelf unit is easy to move and can be placed wherever you need to store items. Applicable places: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study, balcony, storage room, garage, office, etc. Multi-scene use means the versatility of this shelf's unit storage rack. It will bring you unexpected surprises, as long as you are full of imagination
  • PERFECT SIZE & SUITABLE: The overall size of 4 Layer racks is L- 26.77 Inches x B- 12.99 Inches x H- 35.43 Inches, 5 Layer racks is L 26 Inches x B 11.5 Inches x H 45 inches and 6 layer rack is L 26-Inches x B 11.5-Inches x H 55.5 Inches & the gap b/w the shelves is 10 inches in height it is perfect for placing a storage basket or a folded towel, books boxes, and more. The minimalist design makes it looks beautiful
  • DURABLE: The 4-tier metal freestanding shelving unit is made of stainless steel and virgin plastic makes anti-rust and corrosion resistance, good load strength, durable toughness
  • STABLE & STURDY CONSTRUCTION [ADJUSTABLE]: The shelves are versatile and can be easily combined in any configuration according to your requirements. You have the flexibility to combine 3, 4, or 5 tiers in any number to suit your needs. For example, you can create a 2-layer shelf using a 4-tier model and add another 2-layer shelf if needed. All these features are designed to cater to your baby's storage requirements.
  • ADVANTAGES & WORRY-FREE: Storage Rack is a very rugged, strong load-bearing, moisture-resistant, environmentally friendly, and easy assembly